Security systems Viometaloumin. Since 1963 Viometaloumin specializes in manufacturing top quality security systems for every space.

Recent Installations of our Systems and Indicative Prices

Safety and functionality with folding safety bars Viometaloumin

Cutting test of the safety bar (Type-72 and Type-82) with a hacksaw


  • Because our Systems are Unique and Patented.
  • Because we offer 3 Years Guarantee.
  • Because we offer the highest value at the lowest cost.
  • Because Installations of our Systems are being done by Experienced Technicians.
  • Because we offer constant After Sales Technical Support and Customer Service.


What do our Clients Say?

I want to express my satisfaction for your systems' competence and my gratitude to Mr N. P. (Sales Rep.), Mr I. K. (Technician), Mr D.M. and his Assistant (Installation Crew). Everything was done perfectly well and on time. Warm Regards
Spyros S., P. Faliro
Dear Sirs, Today, on 21st of July 2011, you installed security shutters at my home. I hadn't tried your systems before and I must say I'm absolutely satisfied from their functional and aesthetic performance. I believe that anyone who'll get the chance to see their quality, will seek opportunities to place them. Please convey my sincere gratitude to Mr Giannis Koukoulas who performed a very difficult measurement with absolute precision and to Mr Lampis and Mr Vasilis for their clean and impeccable job during installation as well as for their kind manners. Have a nice Summer, Yours Sincerely, Panagiotis K.P.
Panagiotis P., Athens