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Crisis along with economic hardship, also brought to Greece an unprecedented upsurge in crime. Police report is daily inundated with incidents of thefts and burglaries that are not limited to the level of removing belongings but relate to events organized by crime starring unscrupulous villains who are armed and determined to reclaim their prey in every way.
It is inconceivable to the Greek Family to sleep in fear of armed burglary or to the shopkeeper to feel that their entire business is exposed to the mercy of malicious intruders. The Greek Police is unable to meet the increased demand for protection not only in big cities but also in provincial cities, villages and islands. Security Systems are no longer an extra luxury, they have become an imperative priority. VIOMETALOUMIN being a pioneer in manufacturing advanced security systems, has the appropriate solutions for your space.

VIOMETALOUMIN Corporate Identity

Our Mission
VIOMETALOUMIN is a company engaged in security systems for over 50 years. The objectives of VIOMETALOUMIN focus on sustainable development and increasing competitiveness through the provision of quality and innovative safety systems applied in cases of both houses/apartments and workplaces (shops, offices, schools, etc.). The company offers top quality products that cover a wide range of applications such as doors, windows, shop windows, in public and private spaces that require additional reinforcement against external dangers of burglary, theft, criminal activities that threaten lives and properties of our customers.
The Vision of VIOMETALOUMIN is to ensure the company’s growth and maintain its leading market position, offering the best possible customer experience, both in Greece and in foreign markets.
Our Mission
• To ensure profitable growth and sustainable development, taking into account today’s highly competitive market.
• Increasing the share market of security systems, creating new revenue streams, designing innovative new products.
• Improving customer contact and providing products and services based on 50 years of technical experience in security systems.
• Further development and expansion in both local Greek Market and abroad.
• Adding value by adopting the principles of Corporate Responsibility
Our Philosophy
Corporate Philosophy of VIOMETALOUMIN was and remains the creation of satisfied customers who are our most valuable asset.
Achieving this goal is our top priority throughout the Company’s presence in the Greek market.
Building trust through the Systems and Services we offer, remains the core operational hub of our Business.
The experience, expertise and manpower, are the basis of our continuous effort to improve and meet our customers’ requirements.
Our Promise to our Clients
The Company’s 50year history and the clusters of trust it has cultivated with its clients thanks to its technical experience and expertise have led to strong endorsements by thousands of satisfied customers to its products and services. Word of mouth is the highest form of Advertisement and the most reliable Guarantee to our new prospects.
This appreciation and recognition for our company is perceived as a “lasting commitment” to our customers that our company will continue in the future to offer the best quality of products at the best price.
Customer satisfaction is VIOMETALOUMIN’s ultimate goal. Pursuing this goal we develop and create exceptional quality products that are being purchased once but keep offering value to our clients in the long term.
What makes us Stand Out
VIOMETALOUMIN manufactures and sells Quality Security Systems with benefits for the consumers including protection, security and a sense of confidence for their purchase. Brand awareness, superior quality and guarantee offered by VIOMETALOUMIN security systems are based on Customer’s unparalleled support and respect.
Quality – Innovation
Continuous improvement and expansion of our products with patents and innovations, offer real added value to the customer, while we have been under the “spotlight” as one of the most recognizable and trusted companies in the field of Security and Protection. VIOMETALOUMIN is now synonymous with the advancement of quality and certainly for people who choose to do business with it.
Customer Service is our Top Priority
Our main concern is the emphasis on comprehensive service to our customers, accompanied by experience and expertise, since our inception in 1963.
We provide our technical advice on the most recommended choice of security systems that need to be placed in your own space.
The presentation, technical advice, application and service that we offer to our clients is the result of a series of ongoing processes aiming at supporting VIOMETALOUMIN customers in order to feel the satisfaction of both their buying decision and Company’s after sales service.

Our Most Popular Systems

Folding Security Doors 87%
Security Bars 58%
Security Shutters 45%