Safety and functionality with folding safety bars Viometaloumin

Why you should work with Viometaloumin

Who we are

  • We Manufacture and Trade Security Systems since 1963
  • Owned 12000 m² Facilities
  • Modern and constantly renewed Machinery (C.N.C.)
  • High Volume Production Ability
  • Patented Innovative Systems with 3 years Warranty

Our Products

Who we are looking for

  • Dealer/Agent/Distributor
  • With Small Storage Capacity and Processing Facility
  • With the Ability to develop a Sales Network

Cooperation Model – Fill the Form

  • 1st STEP : VIOMETALOUMIN Supplies the Systems in
    Semi-Finished stage.
  • 2nd STEP : Dealer makes Quick Adjustments cutting the Systems to the exact Dimensions required per Customer
  • 3rd STEP : Systems’ Placement from the Dealer or his Network

This model is already being successfully implemented in the French market.

Mutual Benefits

  • For our Associate :
    * Buying Semi-Final Product at LOWER PRICES than Final due to a) small processing b) logistics
    * Immediate Delivery to the Client
    * Wholesale Prices for Big Volume Orders
    * Entering a New Market