Heavily armed bandits 'prefer' seniors' residences


Heavily armed and ready for everything, robbers and burglars invade mainly in homes that do not have storage system where older people reside or are on the first floor of apartment buildings due to easier access.

According to the statistics of the Hellenic Police in 2012 were recorded across the country 1191 robberies in homes versus 912 in 2011 and 432 in 2010. In Attica, the problem is more pronounced, as recorded 14,384 burglaries in houses and 794 robberies in homes.

The worrying aspect for the Police is that it has dramatically changed the crime in general and the profile of robbers in times of crisis. As noted, the perpetrators now bring their heavy weapons, such as Kalashnikovs, and do not hesitate to remove lives whenever they don’t find the prey they hoped for.

Himself Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Dendias, in a recent interview he said that the country is full of Kalashnikovs wanting to demonstrate the serious issue of black market arms underside Greece and easy access of thugs in heavy weapons causing ‘headache’ the ministry.

Heavily armed bandits 'prefer' seniors' residences

«The country has endless boundaries, I must say that the coastline of Greece is equal to the coasts of Africa, we also have land borders in mountainous areas which are not stored. So the question is how come the guns and lathrometastes. What is extremely important is to see how these weapons are used and have changed the overall security situation in Greece. The Greek Police is facing a challenge there is the second in the history of Greek society and perhaps the most difficult facing European country today. “

At the same time, a recent statistical study of the Police records the ‘preferences’ of bandits over their victims and houses in which they reside. 83% of attacks on homes are single-family homes. Of the remaining 22% attacks are at ground floor apartments and 14.5% on the first floor.

Domestic robberies are being traced back at approximately 32%. In 2012 a total of 467 offenders were arrested of whom 57% were foreigners and 43% Greek. However, be noted that, the rate of attacks on houses declined somewhat compared with 2011, but attacks are judged by the Police more … dangerous as in many cases they’re accompanied by injuries and murder victims.

An. Gal. (Republished Article from News Site NEWPOST.GR, 31st of March 2013)