Folding safety from galvanized steel, aluminum coated Type-100

Product Info.

Sleep fearlessly with open doors. Special design and easy operation with a robust structure which consists of reinforced aluminum sections allowing easy scrolling, comfort and inexpensive maintenance. The vertical uprights include, strengthening of 4 bars F 4mm freely rotating in case there is an attempt to cut them. Lock security locks with key type INOX safe providing security during both your presence or absence from your personal space.

Technical Characteristics
1.Swivel 4mm Bars to the uprights
2.Stainless steel security lock with 4-point or 5-point key safe type
3.Folding lower drivers 51x42mm
4.Scissors made of solid galvanized steel 16x6mm
5.180o Rotation Hinges
6.Upper Driver 51x42mm
7.Steel and PVC Bearing
8.Lined reinforced aluminum
9.Electrostatic oven paint (all colors RAL, special colors and wood imitation)

Operating Instructions

1. Bring the “body” of folding uprights positioned so as to get the channel on the driver.
2. Release the latch support uprights and pull the 1st post so as to open the folding and then place your palm behind the strut bearing on the security lock.
3. Push the door smoothly to the point locks, ensuring that it’s moving uniformly along the drivers rolling.
4. Push upright to lock the pins incorporated within the strut.
5. Keeping with your palm the back side of the upright as resistance, lock with key loaded into the lock.


1. Unlock with the key by placing it in the hole in the strut bearing the lock so that the notches located at the base of the key are turned on the side that locks the product.
2. Pull the system by placing your palm on the inside point of the post bearing the lock and push the fold in the direction of the hinges.
3. Secure the uprights with special latch.
4. Get the scrolling driver locked in the “body” of the uprights.
5. Fold the safety towards the wall.

Maintenance Guidelines
Folding VIOMETALOUMIN products need to be cleaned regularly and their moving parts must be lubricated with silicone base spray twice per year.

To clean them, use:

1. Brush with soft bristles which will clean the surface dust.
2. Solution of mild soap and water, cloth with which wash all surfaces thoroughly to remove dirt, air pollutants and particles that have been attached to metal surfaces. The process should be repeated 2-3 times a year.
3. Lubricate twice a year the wheels rolling, lock and all moving parts of the frame.
4. In coastal areas systems require frequent cleaning and lubrication 5-6 times a year.


Folding safety galvanized aluminum coated steel grilles Type-100


Viometaloumin Certifications

Viometaloumin Certifications

Viometaloumin Certifications


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