Fixed safety bars Type-70

Product Info.

These fixed security bars are ideal for every kind of windows, such as: kitchens, bathrooms, WC, garages, storage rooms, etc. Their designing and manufacturing is for those windows where there is no need for removing the security bars. It is the ideal solution for the safety of windows combining the simple and austere elegance with the maximum security. The security bars are installed directly in the wall or even in the same frame construction of the window.
Technical Characteristics
The side sections are rectangular aluminum profiles measuring 44 x 50 mm internally reinforced galvanized steel in dimensions (27mm X 40mm X 27mm) and bars are secured with special lock with key type safe. The horizontal bars include internal solid steel 18mm Φ externally surrounded by aluminum tube type with a diameter of 26 mm and a thickness of 2mm.
Maintenance Guidelines
Folding VIOMETALOUMIN products need to be cleaned regularly and their moving parts must be lubricated with oil spray twice per year.

To clean them, use:

1. Brush with soft bristles which will clean the surface dust.
2. Solution of mild soap and water, cloth with which wash all surfaces thoroughly to remove dirt, air pollutants and particles that have been attached to metal surfaces. The process should be repeated 2-3 times a year.
3. Lubricate twice a year the wheels rolling, lock and all moving parts of the frame.
4. In coastal areas systems require frequent cleaning and lubrication 5-6 times a year.

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Viometaloumin Certifications

Viometaloumin Certifications

Viometaloumin Certifications


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