Safety shutters Type-110

Product info.

The safety shutter was studied and designed to provide a solution where rolls can’t be placed or where the old wooden frames need replacement. Their advantage is that they are folded on the left or right of the frame in both windows and doors. The cross sections of the profile is reinforced by aluminum, the joints between the sheets and sheet-frame are of special profile which functions as a hinge whole height of shutter. They may take multiple locks (2,4,6 etc.), doped-bearing rollers hanging scroll, and the minimum required wall width to be placed is around 40mm.
Technical Characteristics
1.Single hinge around the height of the frame
2.Aluminium profile 12mm thick
3.Upper driver 40x35mm
4.Lower driver 40x26mm
5.Side frame 40x30mm
6.Tetrahedral scrolling rolls from teflon and steel bearings
7.Safety lock of 2,4 or multiple points
8.Full color range in coating RAL paints, special SABLE colors, anodizing and Decoral wood imitation hues
Operating Instructions
When the shutter is open the following procedure
1. Place the first sheet in the lower guide
2. Pull the bolt-handle shutter’s leaves toward the side frame
3. When all the leaves are aligned on the lower driver, then rotate the latch handle-180o to safeguard the bolt on the top and bottom drivers respectively

When the shutter is locked and all the leaves in a horizontal position in the driver.
1. Rotate the latch handle-180o to unlock the upper and lower guide
2. Pushing a sheet bearing the bolt-handle outward, then push the first leaf shutter to the frame-hinge thus moving all the leaves to the jamb
3. When you gather all the leaves in the pot-side hinge, place the lower driver’s wind resistance in the 1st sheet

Maintenance Guidelines
Folding VIOMETALOUMIN products need to be cleaned regularly and their moving parts must be lubricated with oil spray twice per year.

To clean them, use:

1. Brush with soft bristles which will clean the surface dust.
2. Solution of mild soap and water, cloth with which wash all surfaces thoroughly to remove dirt, air pollutants and particles that have been attached to metal surfaces. The process should be repeated 2-3 times a year.
3. Lubricate twice a year the wheels rolling, lock and all moving parts of the frame.
4. In coastal areas systems require frequent cleaning and lubrication 5-6 times a year.










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Safety shutters Type-110


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Viometaloumin Certifications

Viometaloumin Certifications

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