Folding stainless steel aluminum coated safety Type-120

The Τ120 INOX type is a new product that is an upgrade of the T100 type, as our suggestion for those cases where retractable security gates have to be installed in coastal areas, with high levels of humidity. In this way we avoid having to do maintenance to the crossed “scissors” while the cost of maintenance is zero. At the same time, it has an elegant and modern design, combining its stainless steel elements, with the appropriate colouring of the overall structure. The minimum width for its installation in the wall is at a perimeter of 60mm in circumference.

Folding safety from galvanized steel, aluminum coated Type-100

Sleep fearlessly with open doors. Special design and easy operation with a robust structure which consists of reinforced aluminum sections allowing easy scrolling, comfort and inexpensive maintenance. The vertical uprights include, strengthening of 4 bars F 4mm freely rotating in case there is an attempt to cut them. Lock security locks with key type INOX safe providing security during both your presence or absence from your personal space.

Folding safety with double blades from steel Type-90

Absolute Security – Impeccable aesthetics. The classic and timeless solution of a retractable security door made ​​entirely from solid galvanized and coated steel, providing security to residential and business premises alike. It is the absolute economical choice of collapsible frame with a minimum width 40mm mounting perimeter, removable driver and 180° swivel.

Removable safety bars with certification of burglary protection Type-82

Absolute safety with high standards. The removable security bars T- 82 achieve an elegant, discreet and anti-burglary shield. The T- 82 bars are certified with anti-corrosion and anti-burglary certificates and are made of materials which have the highest quality standards and certifications. Their design and development includes internal reinforcement from strengthened steel of Φ20mm, resulting that they cannot be cut with a hacksaw. They can be removed very easily, thus releasing the entire opening of the window. They are also the ideal solution for securing windows that have no shutters, or have shutters but they need extra support and safety. Placed outside the frames or between the frame carrying the glass and shutters or blinds.

Removable safety bars Type-80

Discreet and reliable security. They’ve been studied and designed especially for windows where it is often necessary for the bars to be easily removed freeing up window’s opening. The removable security bars are the perfect solution for securing windows without blinds or shutters that have and need extra support and security. Placed outside the frames or between the frame carrying the glass and shutters or blinds.

Fixed safety bars with certification of burglary protection Type-72

Fixed security bars with anti-burglary and anti-corrosion certificate. The T-72 bars are manufactured with materials having the highest quality standards. Fixed security bars are ideal for any kind of window such as: kitchen, bathroom, WC, garage, ancillary rooms etc. They’ve been studied and designed for windows where there is no need for the removal of security bars. It is an economical solution for the safety of windows combining simple and straightforward aesthetic with security. Safety bars are installed directly on the wall or even in the same frame of the window.

Fixed safety bars Type-70

These fixed security bars are ideal for every kind of windows, such as: kitchens, bathrooms, WC, garages, storage rooms, etc. Their designing and manufacturing is for those windows where there is no need for removing the security bars. It is the ideal solution for the safety of windows combining the simple and austere elegance with the maximum security. The security bars are installed directly in the wall or even in the same frame construction of the window.

Main entrance safety bars Type-60

Additional security for the main entrance. They’ve been studied and designed to secure the main entrance (shielded or more simple construction) when the owner is within his home. Placed in internal doors aim to increase safety during sleep. The bars secured with two pins so that in case of fire or earthquake escape is easy.

Safety shutters Type-110

The safety shutter was studied and designed to provide a solution where rolls can’t be placed or where the old wooden frames need replacement. Their advantage is that they are folded on the left or right of the frame in both windows and doors. The cross sections of the profile is reinforced by aluminum, the joints between the sheets and sheet-frame are of special profile which functions as a hinge whole height of shutter. They may take multiple locks (2,4,6 etc.), doped-bearing rollers hanging scroll, and the minimum required wall width to be placed is around 40mm.